Knees Sleeves, An essential part of your kit?

Our gear bags are full of equipment that we bust out for various workouts. Hand guards for bar work, jump ropes for Double Unders, lifting shoes for...well...lifting. What about knee sleeves?

Of course they are great for lifting. I am amazed what 7MM of neoprene can do for my squats. I feel like I am being boosted out of the squat.

I have discovered though that these little guys are handy for many more things. Last night the WOD had 5 sets of 10 pistols in it, so I decided to try my Black Widow sleeves. I am no pistol master by any means but I found the stability that the sleeves gave my knees made the pistols significantly easier.

I mentioned this to my coach and her immediate response was "You should try them for Wall Balls!" I wish she had told me that before I nearly died doing "Karen" the week before, I needed all the help I could get for that. You can be assured next time that girl comes up my chicken legs will be sleeved.

Sleeves can also be worn on the shins to protect them from bar rash on intense lifting workouts. It is funny how not having to worry about your shins can really help your bar prep.

I also have numerous other members in the gym use the sleeves to protect old injuries or masters just protecting the knees from grinding workouts. The WOD Sleeves are thinner and more breathable which make them more comfortable for wearing during a WOD.

Much like wrist wraps which I almost wear for every WOD now, the knee sleeves are becoming a piece of gear I reach for more and more. What do you use your knee sleeves for?