Now where did I leave those Double Unders?


Lately I have been breaking into a cold sweat every time Double Unders come up on the Work Out of the Day. When I started CrossFit I was like most folks and couldn't do DUs and watched in awe as the more advanced students were a blur of speed rope. 

I committed myself to doing 100 DU before every workout at home to get better and learn. It was painful to say the least. In addition to the endless whip marks there were a few unfortunate breakdowns that left me fishing my rope out of a nearby tree. However with anything that you practice eventually they came along.

In the team series this fall I had to start one workout with 100DUs and a crowd of people watching me. I didn't do them unbroken (like the other co founder of Syndicate did) but I did complete them with 3 breaks and was very happy with that.

Then early in November we did the "Nutts" workout and was gob smacked when I couldn't get a single DU done. A complete loss.

I'm not going to tell you how to do DUs, there are lots of blogs and videos on that but I will tell you what my problem was. My grip.

Who knew your grip on the rope could make such a huge difference? However, how you hold the rope and the construction of the ropes handles do effect the rotation of the rope in a dramatic fashion. A small adjustment on the grip and I was back in DU heaven. Important to keep in mind if you suddenly find yourself without a key skill.

For more details on the effect of the grip and why Syndicate sells 3 styles of ropes check out the video below. Happy Jumping!